It appears that ATF is pulling the plug on further development on eForms. If you look at the ATF response on Page 101 of the the copy of the Final Rule released by the Justice Department on January 4 it appears that the ATF does not currently have the ability to utilize electronic fingerprint technology.

Because submission of either a Form 1 or a Form 4 will require submission of fingerprints beginning on July 13, 2016 when Rule 41F takes effect it appears that eforms will not be able to be used once that happens.

ATF could develop the technology to utilize electronic fingerprints but based on the email I received today from the Dept of Justice, it appears that any further development of eForms has been put on hold indefinitely. I believe that the current prognosis for eForms at this time is not good.

eForms update 1-16-2016