Getting Fingerprinted for NFA Forms

I have had a lot of questions lately from people asking where they can get fingerprinted. The short answer is that it appears ANYBODY can take your fingerprints but they have to be done on the official FBI Form FD-258 Fingerprint Card.

Many gun shops are starting to do fingerprints for you, but if your shop doesn’t you can also check with your local police department or sheriff. There are also commercial fingerprinting services that can do livescan electronic fingerprints and then print them on cards for you. This is a big benefit because you will know before you submit to […] Read more


Gun trusts are not a dead letter and won’t be for the foreseeable future. The explosive growth in the popularity of suppressors over the last ten or so years led to gun shops and gun trust mills churning out gun trusts by the thousands to get potential buyers around the biggest obstacle to suppressor ownership, the CLEO certification. Now that 41F has removed that obstacle to individual ownership of NFA firearms like suppressors, machine guns, short barrel rifles and shotguns, destructive devices and AOWs, many people are wondering whether a gun trust is still worthwhile. The answer to that question […] Read more