Bronze Edition Gun Trust

Do you already have a gun trust?

Are you the person creating this trust?

Do you certify that you are NOT prohibited by federal or state law from owning or possessing a firearm?

Do you understand that any Trustee administering my GunDocx Trust or Beneficiary receiving benefits from my GunDocx Trust must likewise NOT be prohibited by Federal or State Law from owning or possessing a firearm.

Minnesota Prohibited Person - MN Stat. 624.713
Federal Prohibited Person - USC Title 18, Chapter 44

Once your order is submitted and payment is received, your forms will be drafted and emailed to the email address provided on this form within 24 hours. It is important that this email address is accurate as that is how we will communicate with you about your order and send you your trust documents.

  • Trusts must end in the word "Trust"
  • Keep the name brief as it must be engraved on any Form 1 NFA Firearms you manufacture
  • Using your name or last name visibly ties you to the trust.
  • Many clients add words such as Gun, Firearm(s), or Armory in the title

If you are married you must list your spouse's name and date of marriage. This will not put them 'on' the trust. You can do that on your own, once the trust if formed, if you choose.

List your children and their dates of birth, even if they are minors or you do not want them to have any role in this trust.


Date of Birth

Enter the names of up to five successor trustees in the order you want them to serve. A successor trustee is the person who will administer the trust after your death.

List the names of the people you want to inherit the firearms upon your death and the percentage to go to each. The percentages must total 100%.


I agree to the Legal Services Agreement.